The Palmera-melon group mountain their Barrack in the spring holidays since 1995.




       The Palmera-melon group mountain their Barrack in the spring holidays since 1995
Our barrack has the capacity to seat 210 people; here you can enjoy lunch comfortably even in rainy or cold weather. Being well and fast served by our 10 waiters as well as another 10 kitchen helpers who will be preparing your orders.
We have 20 ladies preparing the best food that is being served in all the barracks due to their excellent work and experience.



       We have 3 big grills to avoid the mixture of the flavors. In one we prepare the loins, in another the sausages and finally the cheeses and Majorcan sausages in a third one.

We have 2 dishwashers and a potato peeler; which leave everything sparkling clean under the supervision of the 5 people in charge.
With all these services we can say that we offer the best food and tapas compared to all the other barracks. You can come and check for yourself by for instance trying our vegetable, rabbit or mixed paella; our potatoes, stews, cod with meatloaf, pork pot, wheat stew, Mondongo, Migas, roasted potatoes, meatballs, pisto, Murcia style salad, zarangollo and everything else we make on the grills. Enjoy our meals!


We cannot forget to mention our delicious deserts; which are special due to the added TLC whilst preparing these. Such as rice pudding, puddings, Mata Suegras, Parajotes which you will never before had as good as these. 
 And to ensure you have no bad memories from your visit to our barrack we have made sure we can print your bills accurately, fast and easy on our portable PC.
Finally I would like to dispute the fact that having dinner in a barrack is expensive.
Como to our barrack and for less than 12€ you will be able to have for example:

2 beers
3 starters (loin, sausage, Murcian style salad)
1 main dish
1 desert
1 coffee


We’ll be expecting you !!!