Our group Sets up every year during the local festivity called Fiestas de Primavera a typical ancient barns restaurant called barraca, where thousand of visitors enjoy our cooking and typical singing and dancing, where we yearly beat rest of groups due to quality and service.

During our Cultural week we have every night shows of our music association and interchange with other groups songs and experiences. We also organise some championships like domino,cards ( Cinquillo) bowling ( special variety from our region) among other, typical food and drink is also served during this week.

We also arrange communities week ends in Santomera, where we read typical poems and stories especially for our children in order to keep tradition going.

We also have our Festivity queens, Girls dressed up with typical dresses who participate in main regional parades like "Bando de la huerta" "Ofrenda a la fuensanta" Christian festivity and selection of other Queens in main festivities.

Every year members of the group participate in the Popular bar installed during the main festivities, helping in the kitchen and in serving visitors. Money is spent in the community in a 3 days trip to any other place in Spain.

The biggest strength of the group is the Rondalla "Delicias de Murcia" a singing group which mainly participate in traditional mass services and Xmas carols, and as we said before they also participate in other groups upon request.