The group La Palmera, founded in 1986 by a bunch of friends united by its first president  Manuel Barred, all residents in the suburban area of San Antonio in the city of Murcia, has the aim of keeping typical traditions of the region such us dressing, gastronomically and dancing costumes from the Murcia area specially those of the "huerta" area. (Name given to certain fields where food for private use was grew by the locals)

Also with same aim was in 1987 founded the group " El Melon", also pushed by its president Mr Antonio Hernandez Oliva.

Only after six years both groups could form in 1993 what today is called the Peña Palmera-Melon, basically putting together experience and knowledge of local traditions gained with the years.

As a folk group, we have participated in various contest such as stews and typical cooking, reaching in all of them good final positions, been our specialities Arroz con verduras ( sort of paella with vegetables) mondongo, guiso de trigo, pottage y albondigas con bacalo, all typical stews made with hen and pork meat and different vegetables.

Also with our Music group ( called in Spanish chorus) have we travelled all our region.

We also have participated in cultural exchanges among other folk groups and also in Xmas carols contest, where our group has achieved a certain fame within this king of folk songs. First prices have been achieved in contest such as Certamen de Villancicos Villa de Archena in 1994 and second price in Villancicos villa de Beniel in 1999.

Our main Office is located in

C/ Santo Domingo Nº 21 Bajo

BARRIO San Antonio

30009 Murcia

Our Boar of directors is formed by

If you wish to contact us please phone any of the above numbers or send us an e mail to: